By playing at RingMaster Casino, you represent and warrant that you fully understand and agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

RingMaster Casino is the registered and exclusive trade name of this Company. Using this website and the material contained therein does not entitle you or give you rights to any of its concepts, graphics, text, and methodologies of Ringmaster.


In order for you to play for free at RingMaster Casino, you will need to create an account. Once you've registered, you can download the software via the website or via the mobile application. You can also choose to play directly on your browser, without any downloads.

You must be at least 18 years old to play on Ringmaster Casino. You also confirm that you understand that gambling events and rules change according to jurisdiction and you should only play if it is legal for you to do so according to the laws that apply in the jurisdiction from where you are connecting. Ringmaster Casino is unable to provide legal advice or assurances.

Ringmaster makes no implicit or explicit warranties or representations regarding your legal right to participate in games, giveaways or special promotions. No person or entity connected to Ringmaster – including, but not limited to employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, advertising or other agencies, media partners or retailers – can make similar representations or warranties either.

Only one account per player is allowed. Multiple accounts will be deleted, and players will be banned. Players who register multiple accounts will not be eligible to participate in giveaways or claim any bonuses.

During the account creation process, you will be asked to provide a mobile phone number. Once you click the “create account” button you are automatically consenting to receive promotional messages from RingMaster Casino on your phone from time to time. You can opt-out of these promotional messages at any time.

Employees of Ringmaster Casino and its partner companies, as well as licensees, media partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, and members of their immediate families are not eligible to participate in giveaways or promotions.

Playing on Ringmaster Casino is for entertainment purposes only. Ringmaster Casino does not require real money deposits to play any games or to qualify for any giveaway. Any participation in games, giveaways, contests, and other promotional activities is at your discretion. By playing with Ringmaster Casino, you acknowledge that you do not find anything unfair, offensive or objectionable with the website or any of the material contained wherein.

Ringmaster Casino is available for personal entertainment only. Any other use or access, including professional use, is strictly prohibited. Ringmaster Casino and its associates reserve the right, at anytime, to stop offering any game, giveaway or bonus currently in offer. This change can be temporary or permanent, with or without notice, in whole or in part. The casino also reserves the right to modify or discontinue services and offerings, modify their software; modify any of the information contained in the terms and conditions; and limit the availability of games, giveaways and bonuses to any person, geographic area, or jurisdiction. Ringmaster also reserves the right to add or discontinue games or activities, at any time, without any notice.

Ringmaster might, at some point, charge fees in connection to certain services and/or extras provided on the website; including offering options and opportunities to some and all users to purchase tokens, points or other add-ons to certain games and activities offered. In that event, Ringmaster Casino is not required to offer compensation, refunds or any special benefits to players who purchase tokens or extras, or in the event that certain elements, games or virtual goods become unavailable or discontinued. By taking part in games and activities, you agree not to hold Ringmaster Casino liable for the modification or discontinuance of any game or services provided at any point.

Ringmaster Casino reserves the right to cancel your account for any reason whatsoever at any time without notice to you. Ringmaster reserves the right to void any bonuses in any circumstances, including but not limited to:

  • If you are not of legal age (at least 18 years old);
  • If you reside in a territory where gambling or participation in online gaming, giveaways or similar activities is prohibited by law;
  • If you have provided misleading, false or incorrect information during the creation of your account;
  • If you have more than one active account for the Casino, even if the accounts are created under different names or using different details;
  • If you have used your time at the casino for anything other than personal entertainment (that is, if you play as a professional, as part of a group, etc.);
  • If it is determined that you cheated during play or participation in a giveaway, including the use of software, systems, or any type of automated system designed to beat the odds and increase your natural chances of winning at any game;

Any winnings or awards that are the results of a computer error, game error or system malfunction will be void.

By accepting a bonus or giveaway from Ringmaster Casino, you agree to the use of your name for promotional purposes without receiving any additional compensation unless prohibited by law.

If you believe you have a fair dispute or complaint regarding the outcome of any game or giveaway, you must submit a full complain in writing directly to Ringmaster Casino within fourteen (14) days. In the event of a discrepancy regarding results, the result showing on the Casino's server software will be considered the official governing and final proof of results.

Ringmaster shall not be liable for any malfunction, whether connected to Internet issues or computer problems, that might affect participation in any game.

Ringmaster Casino, its employees, affiliates, licensees, agencies (advertising, promotion, and others), media partners and all other connected third parties cannot be held responsible for any expenses, obligations or damages that may arise as a result of the use, entry or registration of/in the website or casino server, as well your participation in any games, giveaways or promotions, you accept that are a result of those games.

Ringmaster Casino is not responsible for saving and maintaining login information, including emails and passwords, of the players. You are solely responsible for keeping your account number, login information, and password secure and secret. Accounts are unique and personal, and you should not allow any other person to use your login information, play under your name, or participate in giveaways and promotions available to you.

All materials, winnings and promotions connected to the casino or third-party affiliates are automatically void if forged, reproduced or tampered with in any way, if they are illegible, or if they contain any type of error, including but not limited to printing, typographical, electronic or production errors. Ringmaster Casino has no liability connected to these errors beyond replacing the material.

Any and all materials submitted to comply with the requirements for claims become the property of Ringmaster Casino and cannot be returned. Ringmaster is not responsible for mail that becomes lost or it is incomplete or damaged, as well as for incomplete requests, prize claims or entries.

Ringmaster Casino shall not be held liable for miscommunications or errors found in the terms and conditions published by third party websites, affiliates or promotions.

All promotions, giveaways and bonuses are listed based on Eastern Standard Time (North America), UTC-5 hours. Please take time differences into consideration when playing, entering giveaways, and claiming bonuses.

Ringmaster Casino reserves the right to amend any procedures, including those listed on the Terms and Conditions, at any time and without prior notice. Any amendments put into effect will be in response to the needs, interests, and security of players or Ringmaster. Amendments will be implemented and put into immediate effect as needed.

Promotions and Special Giveaways

All RingMaster Terms and Conditions, including special promotions, gift card giveaways, and bonuses are subject to change without notice.

No funds or winnings from any game played on Ringmaster can be cashed out for any amount at any time. Winnings and player balances cannot be converted into real money or withdrawn.

Required balances and corresponding gift card amounts are subject to change. The type and nature of gift cards may vary depending on the current giveaway and the type of prize being awarded and is subject to change without notice.

Players are limited to ONE gift card redemption per month.

If you are eligible to receive a gift card, you will be contacted via email by Customer Support to confirm your personal details. Gift cards are processed within 10 business days and emailed to the winning player. Players should add [email protected] to their contact list to prevent emails from our company going into their spam folder.

Only one account per player is allowed; if duplicate accounts are detected, all connected accounts will be deleted, and players will be denied gift cards or any other prize they might have won while playing on Ringmaster. Gift cards are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the issuer. Prizes cannot be converted into cash or transferred.

Ringmaster Casino reserves the right to award a substitute prize of equal or greater value if one of the prizes advertised is unavailable for any reason. This decision will be considered final and binding. Restrictions, conditions, and limitations may apply. Ringmaster Casino is not responsible for lost or stolen prize items and will not offer replacements.

All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Third Party Communications

By creating an account with Ringmaster Casino, you confirm that you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions as stated within these pages. If you have an objection to any of the rules as outlined here or if you don't understand what these Terms and Conditions mean, please contact customer support via email at [email protected] for further assistance or refrain from playing and/or participating in any of the giveaways offered here

A Facebook account may be required, now or in the future, to participate in certain giveaways, bonus redemption or promotions. None of these promotions should be considered as directly associated, sponsored or endorsed in any way, directly or indirectly, by Facebook, Inc. Any information you provide when entering a promotion or claiming a prize is being requested and acquired by Ringmaster Casino, not Facebook, Inc.

If you have downloaded and installed our software in your laptop, desktop computer or mobile device, you might be required to accept and install updates from time to time. Doing this allows the software to work better and ensure that you have access to all pages, games, and activities on the website. Please note that you might need to click “Accept” or somehow comply with the terms of service every time you download, update or somewhat make changes to the software or services offered. When downloading or accessing the site from any social media network or application store, you might need to go through an additional step to comply with their own terms of service and use.

Ringmaster Casino has no control over third-party marketing communications, such as those initiated by promotional agencies or individuals, affiliate programs, etc. If you believe these communications should be considered spam or include inappropriate material, please contact Customer Service via email at [email protected] Our representatives will make every effort possible to get in touch with the relevant third party to discuss the issue and, if necessary, remove your details from the appropriate database. Please note that Ringmaster cannot promise any type of definitive resolution regarding requests made to third parties.

The terms and conditions outlined here represent the complete and final agreement between Ringmaster and you. This agreement supersedes all prior agreements, terms, and conditions between you and Ringmaster.